Status of Benicar Lawsuits

It is too soon for any significant developments to occur in the Benicar lawsuits currently playing it out in civil court. It was only in July 2013 that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning that the hypertension medication could cause sprue-like enteropathy in some patients. As it says on the website of the personal injury lawsuit attorneys at Williams Kherkher, personal injury lawsuits concerning dangerous drugs are protracted and complicated affairs.

Sprue-like enteropathy mimics the intestinal disorder called Celiac sprue, more commonly known as Celiac disease, which is the pathologic incapacity to digest gluten. Celiac disease sufferers manage the disorder by avoiding all forms of gluten. Patients with sprue-like enteropathy do not respond to this kind of management. The Mayo Clinic noted that discontinuing the medication Benicar resulted in the alleviation and eventual disappearance of the symptoms. When reported to the FDA, the agency subsequently issued the warning and ordered a change in the labels of Benicar.

There had been no connection made between Benicar and their gastrointestinal disorder until recently. Typical symptoms include chronic diarrhea, sudden weight loss, dehydration, and nausea. These would usually go away almost immediately after the patient stops taking Benicar. However, some patients that had been on Benicar for a significant period had already sustained damage to their intestines called vilious atrophy.

The first lawsuits filed against Japanese drug manufacturer Daiichi Sankyo and US marketer Forest Laboratories Inc. were in early 2014. The common claim is that the manufacturer knew or should have known that Benicar could cause these adverse effects from prolonged use. Daiichi Sankyo had only carried out clinical trials for three months, when they knew or should have known that the prescription for hypertensive medication is typically six months or more.

If you have suffered serious injury because of Benicar, you should not hesitate to present your case for an individual trial, and possible inclusion in a future class action lawsuit. Contact a reputable Benicar lawyer in your state to find out your legal options.

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