Compensation for Slip and Fall Accidents on a Construction Site

A construction site is full of pitfalls and dangers. This is why construction workers are required to wear safety gear at all times and to exercise reasonable care when on the site. However, construction accidents can still happen, and one of the most common is slip and fall accidents.

There are many reasons why someone may slip, trip, or otherwise lose his or her footing and fall. Under ordinary circumstances, a minor fall may result in nothing more than hurt pride. As pointed out on the website of Hach & Rose, however, a slip and fall accident in a construction site can easily lead to serious injury or death. This is because construction workers frequently work from height, and they are constantly around heavy machinery. Furthermore, a construction site has many sharp edges and points such as exposed rebars that can cause injury.

When a construction worker gets injured in a slip and fall accident on the job, they can usually count on workers’ compensation to pay for their medical expense and lost days of work. Workers are barred from suing their employer even if there was some negligence involved unless the negligence was really bad, such as failing to provide the necessary safety harness. According to the website of Spiros Law, P.C., the worker or the surviving may sue the employer for gross or egregious negligence if it causes serious injury or death.

The construction worker may also receive workers’ benefit and sue a third party for personal injury if that third party was responsible in part or in whole for the accident. For example, if a delivery van hits a section of the construction site that caused you to lose your balance and fall, the driver as well as the company that uses the delivery van may be liable.

The laws on work-related personal injuries may vary from state to state. If you are unsure of your footing, you should consult with an objective personal injury lawyer, or a construction slip and fall attorney in your state.

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