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A Not-So-Fun Description of My First Job

We all have horror stories about our first job. Some people have had terrible managers, others have had a tough time getting adjusted to the work life. I had a great boss, and I adjusted to the work-life well. My problem was that my job was very physically demanding. Drum roll please: I was a landscaper on a farm.

The term “landscaping” describes an almost endless amount of services. As this article by Ware Landscaping explains, landscaping services include design, maintenance and renewal, and drainage problems to a yard. Of course, the results of landscaping are great. A properly planned and maintained yard makes the home look that much better. Trust me, I know, because when I showed up to the farmhouse on my first day, I was scared for what might be in store for me, but when we finished the work, the place looked great!

I will never forget my first day on the job. I pulled up on the roundabout in my black Toyota Highlander. The farmhouse itself was magnificent: it was a massive, white structure with two stories, a balcony, and a breezeway. Though the home itself was beautified, I quickly realized why my services had been requested. The land was uneven, there were tree branches throughout the yard, the gardens were not properly maintained, and the grass in the lawn was halfway up my knee.

My boss directed me to the back of the house, and I was instructed to pull weeds in a garden adjacent to a massive pool. There I sat, for the next eight hours, pulling weeds by hand in the hot, summer sun. I sat on a yellow bucket and placed the pulled weeds into a second bucket. When the second bucket got full, I would make a long walk, (probably the length of a football field), to dump the weeds into the back of our truck so we could dispose of them at the end of the day. I did not even get halfway finished with the garden I was told to pull weeds from. This was fine, however, because I spent the entirety of the next day finishing up with that garden.

The third day, with a sore lower back and sore legs, I was instructed to wait in the front roundabout for a truck to come. I did not know what was in store for me, but I waited patiently until a massive truck showed up with a load of mulch. The truck dumped the mulch at my feet, and I spent the next few days spreading that mulch to the dozens of gardens surrounding the farmhouse.

A sore back, swollen ankles, and cut-up shoulders later, I was finally done with the landscaping work at the farmhouse. As we were leaving the driveway, I turned around and looked at this beautiful building and the now beautiful yard. Even though it was not my home, it made my pain much more bearable that my hard work produced such a beautiful result.