Dog Bite Prevention 101

Going to the park is one of the most relaxing ways to spend the summer. There’s something for everyone at a park. The kids have a playground, the adults can unwind under a tree with a good book, and dog owners can let their dogs play and bask in the sun.

Even though there are parks that are designed just for dogs and their owners, most people aren’t going to object to a dog playing fetch with their owner. And, since most dogs are social, other people passing on by might even get to pet a couple of dogs on their way home. Most dogs welcome the attention and belly rubs, but a few aren’t quite as friendly.

A nervous dog can react in a few different ways. Some might tuck their tail between their legs and cower behind their owner, and others might bark and take a defensive stance. Other, more aggressive dogs might jump on the stranger and bite them. Even people who know these dogs personally can be victims of an unprovoked attack.

A lot of dog bites happen to people who are friends or neighbors of the dog’s owner. Even children can be bitten if the dog is aggressive enough.

Dog bites can be minor, barely even bruising the skin. They can also be severe, causing major damage to the victim. In addition to breaking the skin, causing bruises, and being incredibly painful, dog bites are also full of bacteria.

Dog bites, like any other animal bite, can be a vessel for disease and lead to major infections. Without immediate medical attention, what seems like a minor injury can cause serious health issues.

Of course, going to the hospital can be expensive, and bills can pile up for the victim. The owner of the dog should almost always be held accountable for this, as their dog was the one that caused the injury.

Before the victim makes this claim, though, they should be sure to go through the right channels to make certain that they will not be blamed for their injuries.

Lawrence & Associates, a Cincinnati-based firm specializing in dog bites, can help the victims get their expenses covered so that they can quickly be on the path to recovery. The owner of the dog will usually defend their dog’s actions and say that the dog felt threatened at the time of the attack.

There are a lot of different factors that can make or break their statement. They have to be able to prove that the dog was threatened, and a victim who has a lawyer specializing in animal attacks can help show that the attack was unprovoked.

While no one wants to think about the repercussions the dog faces in the aftermath of the attack, any consequences that happen are for the best. A properly-handled case will not only give the victim the settlement they deserve but will also help keep public areas safe for anyone who wants to spend a day at the park.